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Twelve-monthly customer appeals make car makers design modernistic types with higher potential, disparate key marks, and sizes. If you are curious about the last point and then try to detect what dimensions your respective Chevrolet Trax has, you may be confident in our stuff. On this webpage, we provide varied charts and tables with correct info touching the Chevrolet Trax peculiarities, particularly, their dimensions. Drivers have a lot of needs to fulfill - succor, mobility, simple parking process, productive fuel usage, and others. That is why the dimensions of the Chevrolet Trax will become among the first features to consider when trying to select a new vehicle. And so on, everyone knows 3 dimensions including height metrics, width metrics, and length metrics.


How long and wide is a Chevy Trax?

  • Wheelbase (in. / mm):100.6 / 2555
  • Overall Length (in. / mm): 167.6 / 4257
  • Overall Width (in. / mm): 69.9 / 1776
  • Overall Height (in. / mm): 64.9 / 1648 (LS - FWD; 65.2 / 1656 (LS – AWD); 66 / 1676 (LT – FWD); 66/3 / 1683 (LT – AWD);
  • Track (in. mm):60.6 / 1540 (front); 60.6 / 1540 (rear)

Is a Chevy Trax bigger than an EcoSport?

Comparison Review

The Chevrolet Trax offers rear passengers about the same room to stretch out as the Ford EcoSport, with comparable head- and legroom. The Ford EcoSport will be a hit with tall drivers and their front-seat passengers, since it has a greater front head- and legroom than the Chevrolet Trax.

What is the Chevy Trax comparable to in size?

Buick Encore. The Buick Encore and Chevrolet Trax have a lot in common, which makes sense because both are GM vehicles. These subcompact SUVs have a similar amount of passenger space and the same cargo capacity. However, the Encore delivers a softer ride and features nicer cabin materials.

Is a Chevy Trax considered a small SUV?

The wire-free small SUV.

Your favorite features at your fingertips. The myChevrolet Mobile App† remote technology comes standard with the 2024 Trax.

Is Chevy Trax bigger than Equinox?

While the Equinox is just a hair bigger than the Trax, both models have five spacious seats with nearly 41 inches of legroom for front-seat passengers. However, the difference in size means you'll be afforded a bit more cargo space in the Equinox.

Is Chevy Trax the same size as Ford Escape?

The Ford Escape sits 66.1 inches tall and 180.5 inches long. Its front track reaches 62.4 inches. The Chevy Trax has a height of 64.9 inches, a length of 167.2 inches, and a track width of 60.6 inches. This lets the 2021 Trax fit into tighter areas.

Is a Tucson bigger than a Trax?

The Tucson has a much larger cargo volume with its rear seat up than the Trax with its rear seat up (31 vs. 18.7 cubic feet). The Tucson has a much larger cargo volume with its rear seat folded than the Trax with its rear seat folded (61.9 vs. 48.4 cubic feet).

Is the Chevy Trax a good family car?

If you have a family and know you'll be keeping it small, but you want something bigger than a sedan, the 2024 Chevy Trax is a great vehicle to check out. It packs a tremendous amount of family-friendly features into a really attractive price point. Chevrolet has made some fun upgrades to the 2024 rendition.

What is the same as a Chevy Trax?

Both the Buick Encore and the Chevrolet Trax have similar Destination Charges. The Buick Encore is about the same width as the Chevrolet Trax. When looking at overall length, the Buick Encore takes up about the same amount of space in your garage as the Chevrolet Trax.

Is Ford EcoSport smaller than a Chevy Trax?

The Ford EcoSport has an overall length of 161.3 inches, while the Chevy Trax has a length of 167.2 inches. This means the Trax is about six inches long.

Which is bigger Kona or Trax?

The Kona has. 7 inches more front legroom, 1.6 inches more front hip room, 1.4 inches more front shoulder room, 1.5 inches more rear hip room, and 1.7 inches more rear shoulder room than the Trax.

Is a Hyundai Kona bigger than a Chevy Trax?

The Chevrolet Trax is a little narrower than the Hyundai Kona, so you'll have an easier time getting in and out of the car in a tight parking spot. When looking at overall length, the Chevrolet Trax takes up about the same amount of space in your garage as the Hyundai Kona.

What is Chevy's cheapest SUV?

The 2024 Chevy Trax is GM's new take on its cheapest SUV.

Are Ford or Chevy cars better?

When comparing reliability ratings across Ford and Chevrolet cars, on average, Chevy tends to come out on top. The brand's pickups, sedans, and SUVs are some of the top picks when it comes to reliability.

How long is a 2023 Chevy Trax?

The 2023 Chevrolet Trax measures 71.70 inches in width, and The 2023 Chevrolet Trax measures 178.60 inches in length and has a wheelbase of 106.30 inches.

Is Chevrolet Trax 7 seater?

Chevrolet Trax is a 5 seater SUV.